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Cocker spaniel

 After attending Grooming Academy, I began grooming friends dogs and slowly but surely, It grew out of control. I was surprised how quickly it had snowballed. The more I groomed I realized that I was not happy with all the finishing sprays out on the market. I began a search and bought everything I could find. There were some I liked, but not one out there that gave me that “Wow” factor I was looking for. There are lots of Finishing Sprays in the industry, but I had a vision. I wanted my dogs to be clean, smell fantastic for days and wanted my clients to be impressed. I wanted that next sale to be made the minute they hugged their pet and said “My dog smells GOOD” at pickup time.

After I consulted with a chemist friend of mine, I began experimenting with raw materials and fragrances. Within a month, a grooming friend of mine was using my first two concoctions. Her clients loved my colognes. And that is how “COLOGNES FOR PETS” was born. After a few months of selling the same two colognes to an expanding list of groomers, I decided to expand my line of colognes.

Lover Boy & Princess Pup were my first two. They continue to sell like hot cakes, but now I have 15 other Colognes that are slowly getting out into the Industry. I also have some traditional Holiday Fragrances that you can order from October thru December, plus I have some incredible Odor Eliminator and some Disinfectant for your kennels. For your Salon, I have some Oil Lamps with their own fragrances that will keep your salon smelling warm, inviting, and above all appealing to customers. I continue to expand my products and will create custom scents, so if you have something in mind, give us a call.

I use only the finest and safest ingredients in all my products and will continue to make sure our pets are kept safe after all they are our furry children.

Please join me in advocating for better products for our pets.

Above all, please know and understand that feedback from customers and groomers is always appreciated.

Happy Grooming, Sincerely, Nancy Gonzalez President Colognes For Pets         

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